Customised Templates

Strengthen your online presence and simplify your e-marketing campaign with customised templates. Each template is built specifically to your business requirements ensuring any communication, whether it be a quick email alert or quarterly newsletter is as easy as ever.

Hassle Free Content Entry

Adding and editing content has never been easier with Visionscape Direct’s text editor. Drop in your text, set up headings, alter colours and add links or images with the click of a button.

Build Your Mailing List

Start building your mailing list right away by adding a signup form to your website or Facebook page. Already have an existing mailing list? Visionscape Direct can import your contacts in a matter of seconds.

Targeted Campaigns

Set up customised broadcast groups within VS Direct and start targeting specific audiences with every email campaign you send. Individuals can be assigned to a single category or multiple at the click of a button.

Schedule Sendouts

Prepare your email, select a date, select a time and Visionscape Direct will manage the send out for you.

Tracking & Results

Monitor your campaign’s success through Visionscape Direct’s real-time reporting and statistics area. Each email tracks exactly who viewed the email, click throughs stats, unsubscribe counts and more. Soon to be released updates will provide even greater reporting detail so stay tuned for more!

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